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Get Moving with Niecey!

How the virtual setup works

1. Make room to move

  • The ideal space for a session would be 5ft. x 5ft. or larger 

  • This amount of space to move will lead to optimal results in your workout session

2. Setup your device

  • Any device that supports video call

  • With a valid email address, Jayniece will email you a link to join the workout session through Zoom App

  • Other video call mediums can be used as well

3. Enjoy your session!

  • Self-Explanatory!

  • Move to the next page to BOOK YOUR SESSION!

  • Achieving your fitness goals and so much more is waiting for YOU!

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    "I can be having the worst day, but as soon as I finish a session with Jayniece, my mood has done a complete 180. Niecey Moves is such a vital component to achieving my body goals."

    Camille Cranson

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