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NieceyMoves is a next level, innovative workout promoting overall health, wellness, and happiness. NieceyMoves offers a personalized fitness experience, through virtual class sessions in multiple dance and movement formats. Enjoy a unique, fun and effective workout with a LIVE instructor, from the comfort of wherever you are!


About Jayniece

Creator of Niecey Moves

Currently, Jayniece is a graduate student at Howard University, seeking her doctorate degree in Physical Therapy. More importantly, she is the proud mother of two handsome little boys. Jayniece has over 25 years of traditional dance training, with experience in a multitude of dance genres, ranging from Ballet, Modern, Jazz, Afro-Caribbean and more.   

After observing the changes in her body through motherhood and the unexpected hardships of life, Jayniece decided to reinvent herself COMPLETELY. With this new transformation, Niecey Moves was created as well. Niecey Moves is a workout experience promoting overall health, wellness and confidence. An innovative fitness alternative, with your goals in mind, and at your convenience. So what are you waiting for? Book your session NOW!

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